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Returns, Refunds and Exchanges

What is your returns and exchanges policy?

There may come a time you will want to return a device or product that does not meet your needs. If a product or device, purchased directly from Medtronic Australasia, needs to be exchanged or returned, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 777 808 (select option 2) or email

When attempting to make a return, it is important that the product:

  • Should be unopened, undamaged, be carefully stored and in the original packaging; and
  • Was supplied by Medtronic and shipped to you within the last 90 days.

Please review the full Terms and Conditions of Sale.  Medtronic may refuse to accept goods that have been returned without prior consultation by telephone.

What is the process for a return or exchange?

If your product meets the guidelines of our return policy (above):

  1. Call the Customer Service Team to discuss the matter on 1800 777 808 (select option 2) toll free within Australia Monday - Friday from 9AM – 5PM;
  2. Have any product and purchase information ready (for example, order number or serial number);
  3. Once your request is approved, we will send you a prepaid shipping label to return the stock;
  4. As soon as returns are received, all articles will be checked by Medtronic for their saleability (should the goods not be reusable, Medtronic reserves the right to destroy them without providing compensation. They will not be returned to you); and
  5. A refund will be issued to your account. Or in case of exchange, the new item(s) will be shipped to you. 

Can I return items with a limited shelf life, like Infusion Sets or Reservoirs?

Products with a remaining shelf life of over six months will be refunded in full if the goods are undamaged and are returned to Medtronic without delay. If the product has a remaining shelf life of less than three months, it will be deemed to have expired, and no refund will be issued and the goods will not be exchanged.

Can I return Glucose Sensors?

Due to the chemical nature of Glucose Sensors, special care and handling is required.  Due to the temperature sensitive nature of sensors, they are not returnable or refundable.

Sensors have a short “shelf-life” so please keep this in mind when deciding how many to order.  Medtronic recommends ordering no more than a three month supply. 

Sensors are sensitive to extreme temperatures, so please ensure someone is available to receive the order.  Refer to the instructions for use included with the sensors for specific information regarding storage.  

What happens if my product is faulty?

Please call our 24/7 Global Help Line on 1800 777 808 (select option 1).

Our Global Support Team will troubleshoot the issues you are having and should the product be found to be faulty, and be within the relevant warranty period, a replacement will be provided to you. Our Global Support team will then advise you on the return of the faulty product and make arrangements with you for this return.

My product contains a needle – how do I return the product safely?

Needles cannot be returned to Medtronic. If possible, please remove any needles from a given product prior to return, unless doing so poses a risk to you (for example, if you have a needle trapped inside an inserter.)  Should a needle be required to be returned please contact the Diabetes Support Services Team on 1800 777 808 and we will organise a courier pickup.

Do warranty periods apply?

Medtronic warranties only apply to Insulin Pumps, Transmitters, Infusion Sets, Reservoirs, iPro2 and CareLink USB’s. Warranties do not apply to other items such as batteries, glucose sensors and accessories.

For more information on warranties and warranty periods, click here.