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Type 1 Q&A Webinar – Learn More About Insulin Pump Therapy

This webinar featured Dr Sarah Glastras and Minimed® 640G insulin pump user, Deborah. The pair provided a highly engaging and in depth discussion on the benefit of insulin pump therapy in managing Type 1 diabetes. If you have any further questions regarding insulin pump therapy, please call a Medtronic Diabetes Therapy Consultant on 1800 777 808.

Medtronic Diabetes Type 2 Q&A Webinar

This webinar featured Dr Thomas Ulahannan and Minimed® 640G insulin pump user, Patrick. The pair provided a highly engaging and in depth discussion on the benefit of insulin pump therapy in managing Type 2 diabetes. The topics covered ranged from issues of attachment to the pump, lifestyle changes, improvements in HbA1c and day to day life while wearing a pump.

Children Living With Type 1 & Insulin Pump Therapy

This webinar was recorded on Wednesday the 25th of May on Children Living With Type 1 Diabetes & Insulin Pump Therapy.

We were joined by two guest speakers, Dr Andrew Biggin & parent of MiniMed® 640G System user Naomi.

NOTE: During the event there were some issues around the 18 minute mark - please see below for the talk track from this time:

NAOMI: I have found the biggest issue we have had to overcome was people scared of doing something wrong and hurting Xavier. Worried they would give to much/to little insulin, put in numbers incorrectly, worried it would be too hard to understand how to use the pump, and just the general feeling of unease around hurting a child. I found the best way to overcome these issues was training. Going to them with a Medtronic rep, and getting them to practice with an actual pump that is not attached to anyone. Showing them the ease of operation, and that there are safety functions preset. I found once they did this type of training, and I have done it at my Daycare, school, and my Mum, they all commented how easy it was, or, is that all. Showing them the pump guides them, and how easy it is to use, puts people at ease very quickly. You can see it dawn on them, and they relax a whole lot. Also, being supportive of their questions, so they are never afraid or embarrassed to ask anything, and not dismissing their concerns.

Managing Hypo’s With The MiniMed® 640G

Growing Up With Diabetes – A Guide For parents

This webinar was recorded with Medtronic patient ambassador Brent and credentialed diabetes educator Karen Shann. They both provided their insights on.

Pregnancy & Insulin Pump Therapy

We hope you enjoy this informative webinar on Insulin Pump Therapy & Pregnancy. We were joined by Assoc. Prof. Glynis Ross and Medtronic ambassador Tracy. Together they gave their professional and personal insights in to Insulin Pump Therapy and pregnancy.


Q&A webinar - learn more about insulin pump therapy 

Thurs, 15th October 2015

This live webinar event featured endocrinologist Dr Mark Forbes and experienced MiniMed® 640G Insulin Pump user, Gareth. Together, they answered questions from registrants and provided their unique insights on pump therapy and Medtronic’s breakthrough SmartGuard™ technology. Some of the questions covered during the event included:

What convinced you to change from injections?

What are the great advantages to using the pump over other therapies?

How accurate is the CGM?

Are you connected to the pump 24/7?

How many hypos do you get now?


Dr Mark Forbes works on the Gold Coast based at Robina Hospital. His clinical interests include insulin pumps, acute medical admissions, general endocrinology and young adult diabetes. Gareth, as a pump user and parent of a child with T1D, is uniquely placed to talk about the benefits of insulin pump therapy and SmartGuard™.


If you’re looking for ways to gain better control on your type 1 diabetes (T1D), contact us today.

The patient is a member of the Medtronic Patient Ambassador Program. 

Q&A webinar: insulin pump therapy and the MiniMed® 640G System^ - your questions answered

30th July 2015

This online Q&A event offered the opportunity to get a doctor and a patient’s perspective on insulin pump therapy and the MiniMed® 640G System^. Hear from two experts - endocrinologist Dr Grant Cracknell and pump user, Brent Salzmann. Together they answered your questions and gave unique insights on how pump technology can help you gain better control on Type 1 diabetes.


Pump therapy talk with Dr. Fran Kaufman

Information on Sensor Augmented Pump Therapy for Insulin Dependent People with Diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2)

Watch “Road to Closed Loop” and learn more about the MiniMed®  640G System^ with SmartGuard™ before the upcoming webinar Q&A session. Hear from Medtronic’s Dr. Fran Kaufman about the research and development behind the new system and how it can help prevent severe hypos. She will also discuss key clinical studies and what they mean, on the journey towards the Artificial Pancreas.

Dr. Fran Kaufman, MD serves as Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Global Clinical, Medical and Health Affairs for Medtronic Diabetes.


Products are subject to availability in country. The MiniMed 640G System features technology to mimic some of the functions of a healthy pancreas. Please note that “closed-loop” technology is not currently available through Medtronic devices.


Medtronic Q&A

Hear discussion around some of our most frequently asked questions about insulin pumps and Insulin Dependent Diabetes - with pumper Sally and endocrinologist Dr. Mark Forbes.


If you have any questions or comments about our Live Q&A, simply request a call. To find out about the next Information Evening near you, visit our Events page. And if you’d like support from a fantastic community, join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Medtronic Information Seminar

Watch now to find out more about Medtronic and our vision for the future. Be inspired by Sally who has discovered the life-changing benefits of an insulin pump, including being able to climb to Mt Everest Base Camp and Mt Kilimanjaro. Dr. Mark Forbes also gives his expert views on how a pump helps patients of all ages switch on better control.