Guardian Sensor 3.

Manage your glucose levels with a smarter CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) system, powered by Guardian Sensor 3. Always read the Instructions for Use.

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Guardian Sensor 3.


Medtronic is the only company that offers standalone CGM and sensor-integrated pump therapy, which streamlines the process for enhanced customer experience. Other CGM companies do not offer an integrated system, requiring an insulin pump from a different company.

Guardian Sensor 3, our most advanced sensor, provides an option that fits every lifestyle. For ages 2 and up.

Why Guardian Sensor 3?



Integrated with our latest advancement in insulin pump therapy, the Guardian Sensor 3 enables different levels of automation that fit your lifestyle.

Guardian™ Sensor 3 measures glucose levels every 5 minutes, sending info to the pump.
Available age 7 and up

Medtronic’s (real-time) continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) products are indicated for use by people living with type one diabetes. Guardian™ Sensor 3 may also be used as part of the MiniMed® 780G system^ for people living with Type 1 diabetes age 7 and up and whose total daily dose of insulin is 8 units per day or more.



A web-based program that collects information directly from your Medtronic diabetes management system. It allows you to generate reports that can be used during your doctor’s visits and to monitor your own progress.


Sage^ is a professional athlete who is striving to represent the USA at the 2020 Olympics. Sage is constantly traveling around the world competing in two specific water sports: kayaking and canoeing.†† With Sage’s hectic work, travel, and competition schedule, it is critical that she uses a continuous glucose monitor that helps her stay in range. Sage transitioned to the Guardian Sensor 3 earlier this year and has been amazed by the experience and results.

Sage D.
Former Dexcom user and current Guardian Sensor 3 user


The intelligent diagnostics of the transmitter are continuously and proactively monitoring the health of the sensor. Guardian Sensor 3 can be worn for up to 7 days, however if your sensor is not performing well, you may receive a Change Sensor alert. Each monthly box of sensors includes 30 days of sensor wear to ensure you are only provided with safe, reliable and accurate sensor glucose values.

Guardian™ Sensor 3 can be worn on the abdomen‡. 

Choose an insertion site that has an adequate amount of subcutaneous fat.

Guardian Sensor 3 is compatible with:

  • MiniMed® 780G insulin pump
  • MiniMed® 770G insulin pump
  • MiniMed® 670G insulin pump
  • MiniMed® 640G insulin pump

If you are experiencing a problem with your Guardian Sensor 3, please contact the 24-hour helpline at 1800 777 808.

Guardian Sensor 3 is the newest sensor from Medtronic. It is the only sensor on the market that is approved to power a hybrid closed loop system. It is more accurate1 and comfortable** than previous sensors.