more time to be you

Ryan hanging out

Living life more spontaneously.

Instead of injecting insulin many times a day, the MiniMed® 670G System^ helps keep your sugar levels safely in range based on how you live every day. *#

Nicky family time

Enjoying meals without interruption.

Instead of figuring out complex insulin dose on your own, simply check your glucose and enter the number of carbs when you give a mealtime bolus. The MiniMed® 670G System^ assists with the rest, automatically∞ adjusting insulin while you enjoy your meal without interruption. *#

Ryan freedom

Sleeping soundly. Waking up energised.

The MiniMed® 670G System^ lets you wake up every morning well-rested and ready to take on the day.

Nikhita with friends

Having more time for family and friends.

Now you can spend less time worrying and more time bonding with family and friends. To help you stay in range, the MiniMed® 670G System^ delivers insulin based on your sugar levels 24 hours a day with minimal input and periodic sensor calibration. *,#,‡


pump accessories


Soft belts and pouches can be sized for the perfect fit and give you a comfortable way to keep your pump close and concealed. They can be worn on different parts of your body - the arm, waist, thigh or leg - discreetly under clothing.


With our selection of cases and clips, there are many ways to wear your insulin pump. You can attach your pump to your waistband or belt, protect it in your pocket, or even clip it under your clothing.

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“A life-changing breakthrough.”

“This device will mean peace of mind, in knowing a person will be in normal blood sugar range a great majority of the time.”


“Automated insulin delivery system will ease some of the burden of living with the condition”


One of “the 25 best inventions of 2016”

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