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Is your smartphone compatible with Medtronic products?



We are constantly testing new devices and operating systems (OS) to ensure they will work properly with our apps. As we gain compatibility with more devices and OS, we will continue to update this page. Devices from selected manufacturers may be supported, but they have not been fully tested. Please note, compatibility may vary among the apps.

Please disable automatic operating system updates within your device settings. Refer to your specific device instructions for more information.

To ensure maintenance of service, please review this site for the latest operating system and mobile device compatibility with MiniMed Mobile apps before you update your operating system or device. This way, your apps will continue to provide expected service levels.


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If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Medtronic Help Line on 1800 777 808.

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Frequently asked questions

When we test for compatibility, we test how the apps interact with the device in the following areas:

  1. Connectivity of the pump and the device 
  2. Connectivity of the device and the CareLink™server 
  3. App display on device 
  4. Device’s battery life 
  5. Device model memory requirements by app 

We understand the need to support our mobile apps in as many devices as possible and are working on extending compatibility in future releases. However, these apps are medical software and as such they must go through a rigorous process of testing and verification, therefore the apps may not be compatible with all devices in the market.

Ensuring the pump and device are within 20 feet of each other will help preserve battery life. If the pump and the MiniMed™ Mobile app lose communication frequently, you may experience battery drain on both the pump and device when the app is in use. 

  • The pump uses Bluetooth® connectivity to send information to the MiniMed™ Mobile app on your device. 
  • Please check your Bluetooth® settings on your phone settings to make sure your pump is connected to your phone. 
  • Internet is not required to view pump and CGM data on your phone. If the question is about the CareLink™ Connect app: However, care partners will not receive up-to-date data until internet connectivity is restored. 
  • Your device uses internet to connect to the CareLink™ server, which is how your care partners can see the data that’s being shared from your app to the CareLink™ Connect app. 
  • In order for your care partner to see the information on MiniMed™ Mobile app on your device, the following is required: 
    • Compatible device 
    • Bluetooth turned on 
    • Connected to internet 
    • Sync to CareLink™ feature turned on 
    • App is open and logged into CareLink™ software