StartRight is designed to help you get off to a great start with your new diabetes technology including the MiniMedTM 770G, MiniMedTM 670G, MiniMedTM 640G and Guardian Connect Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.

Learning about diabetes technology can be overwhelming. There are lots of new terms to learn, lots of techniques to get right and all the information comes at you fast!

Tailor-made coaching with StartRight can make this all a bit easier. Whenever you want some extra help, need a refresh or just want to get the most out of the technology you have chosen, you can give your coach a call.

With StartRight, you can register for as many (or as few) modules as you like. Just choose the topics that you feel you need some help with. If you’re worried about using the pump itself, you can simply register for the 'Getting to know your pump' module. Not sure about Guardian Connect? Register for 'Discover Guardian Connect'.

Once you register, your dedicated StartRight coach will give you a call to answer any questions you have and take you through your chosen module(s).

This module takes you through the functionality of your pump including its:

  • features and settings,
  • the buttons,
  • home screen, and
  • icons.

It also covers entering and confirming basal patterns, the bolus wizard and the use of Temp basal.

As well as different aspects of the pump consumables such as filling the reservoir and changing the infusion set.

Finally, your coach will introduce you to the CareLink and Mobile app as well as talk through the Care Partner setup.

Choosing this module will help you navigate your pump with ease. We will also go through the Apps that connect to your new MiniMed 770G.


You can expect to receive one or two calls from your StartRight coach over a week or two.

Find out what CareLink is and how it can help you and your clinical team to understand and manage your diabetes. This module will cover the the setup of a CareLink Account. Including a guide of how to upload data, registering or adding a new device if you are an existing user, as well as gaining an understanding of the different reports available, how to generate them and how to interpret them.

Your coach will help you establish an upload to CareLink and also review your Therapy Goals.

Get the confidence you need to use CareLink with this short module.


This module involves two calls with your coach either weekly or fortnightly, whichever suits you best.

This module covers Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and how it can help you achieve your therapy goals.

You will discuss a range of topics with your coach including the basic features and fundamentals of CGM, steps required for successful sensor insertion and management, pairing your CGM device with your pump, and the importance of calibration frequency and timings.

Your coach will also share some helpful tips and tricks for CGM, as well as provide any CareLink support as required.

Completing this module will help you get the most out of your CGM Pump System.


You will receive two calls from your coach either weekly or fortnightly.

This module will take you through the Self-adjusting insulin delivery mode (or Auto Mode^) of your MiniMed 670G/770G pump + CGM system.You will discover how to navigate low and high sensor settings as well as alarms and notifications.

Your coach will also take you through preparing the sensor site and inserting a sensor as well as how and when to change your sensor. You will also discuss staying in Auto Mode^ as well as some tips and tricks with your CGM.

Finally, you can also discuss your Therapy Goals and CareLink reports.

After this module you will feel confident in getting the most out of Auto Mode^ and how it can help protect you from highs and lows.


You will receive two or three calls from your coach over the space of a month.

In this module, your coach will take you through the technical side of your Guardian Connect device.You will discuss everything from your first solo sensor change through to installing the software and pairing the transmitter and your device.

You coach will discuss with you the basic fundamentals of CGM + the Guardian Connect app, and help with setting up the calibration of timings and frequency.

They will also answer some frequently asked questions, and share tips and tricks for optimal use.

This module is designed to make sure that you are comfortable and confident using Guardian Connect.


You will receive two or three calls from your coach over the space of a month.

^Refers to Auto Mode. Some user interaction required. Individual results may vary. Components sold separately. Automated insulin delivery is made possible through combining Medtronic insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring technology. Always read instructions for use.

You can pick as many modules as you like, or you can start with one and choose some more afterwards. It’s all up to you. Register below and your personal StartRight coach will then take it from here.

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