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The combination of a MiniMed® Veo™ Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring gives you better control and understanding of your glucose levels 24 hours a day. Our CONTOUR® LINK Meter automatically sends your blood glucose results data to your pump, so you don’t need to record it manually. CareLink™ personal software allows you to quickly download your data and share it with your doctor.

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Accurate insulin delivery

Delivers precise amounts of fast-acting insulin 24/7 by enabling you to set different basal programs. An innovative Bolus Wizard® does the insulin calculations for you to suggest bolus amounts quickly and easily.

Benefits of a MiniMed® Veo Insulin Pump:

  • Helps you achieve your ideal HbA1c
  • Reduces risk of dangerous highs, lows and long-term health issues1,2
  • Up to 90% fewer injections – just 1 needle every 3 days instead of 12 needles3
  • Compact and simple to attach
  • The flexibility to eat and exercise, sleep and travel when you want
  • Full training and support

Linked Blood Glucose Meter

The CONTOUR® LINK meter comes free with your pump and links wirelessly to it. The Meter automatically sends your blood glucose results, taking away the need to record your own readings and ensuring greater accuracy.

Therapy Management Software

With CareLink™ personal software you can quickly and easily download your insulin and glucose data from your pump and share it with your doctor in person or remotely. Together, you can refine your diabetes management to optimise your therapy.

Integrated Continuous Glucose Monitoring

See real-time glucose readings and long-term trend tracking anytime you want. It’s integrated with your pump so you can see where your glucose levels have been, what they are now and where they’re going. Advanced alerts and Low Glucose Suspend^ give you real peace of mind.