We’ve improved the design of the MiniMed® 640G to give you more flexibility and convenience.

  • Take to the water with confidence, thanks to a clever waterproof design
  • Read more easily - day and night - with the full colour and light adjusting display screen
  • Enjoy intuitive, easy navigation with less button pushing
  • Experience ease-of-use, whether you’re right or left-handed
  • Choose your preferred pump colour from five attractive options

Our pumps come in a range of 5 colours - White, Black, Pink, Blue and Purple.


See how the MiniMed® 640G's improved design has made life easier
for users Gareth and Roslyn.

Full colour auto-brightness display

The MiniMed® 640G System^ is our first insulin pump with a full colour screen, so it’s easier to see all of your settings at a glance. The large screen automatically adjusts to the surrounding light, so, day or night, in any conditions, you’ll always have a clear view. It’s also durable and scratch-resistant.

Waterproof up to 3.6 metres for up to 24 hours

When you’re out and about with your MiniMed® 640G insulin pump, it’s good to know you needn’t worry about a few splashes around the pool or a shower of rain, thanks to its IPX8 waterproof rating.In fact, if you want to go for a dip with your pump on, that’s no problem, as the MiniMed® 640G is waterproof up to 3.6 metres for up to 24 hours. And if you like to raise a bit of sweat when you’re exercising, your 640G just goes with the flow.

Waterproof at time of manufacture up to 3.6 metres for up to 24 hours at a time. See MiniMed® 640G User Guide for a complete description of the waterproof capabilities and proper use instructions.

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