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MiniMed® Paradigm Veo



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Automatically suspends insulin

To help guard you against hypoglycaemic events.


SmartGuard automatically suspends insulin delivery before your sensor value reaches a preset low limit, and you don't respond to alerts.2 You can set up to 8 low thresholds per day. Insulin delivery can be suspended for between 30 mins and 2 hours.


The pump's Low Glucose Suspend feature stops insulin delivery when your sensor value reaches a preset low limit.

Predictive alerts

Make adjustments ahead of time


Predictive alerts notify you before you go high or low, so you can take action sooner. Set your alert to audio or vibrate. Both can occur simultaneously on the MiniMed 640G.

Active, ongoing insulin tracking

Assisting you to accurately calculate and prevent overlapping boluses


Active insulin from food and correction boluses3 is tracked – even during battery changes.

Customisable basal patterns

So you can meet your individual daily, weekly, or monthly needs


The pump has 8 basal patterns for increased customisation.


The pump has 3 basal patterns to choose from.

Temporary basal pattern preset

So you can immediately create a short-term change to your basal insulin


Flexible bolus options

So you can experience greater convenience and customisation


The pump's bolus delivery speed is adjustable: 1.5 U/min (standard speed) or 15 U/min (quick speed).


The bolus delivery speed is fixed at 1.5 U/min. The pump has no present bolus values.


Linked blood glucose meter

Save time, avoid coding errors and get more reliable glucose readings


The CONTOUR® NEXT LINK 2.4 is the only available meter designed to communicate wirelessly with the MiniMed® 640G.


The CONTOUR® LINK connects wirelessly with the Paradigm Veo and automatically sends your blood glucose results4.

Remote bolusing from meter

Easily and discreetly deliver the insulin you need without taking out your pump


The pump can deliver a manual or pre-set remote bolus from the meter. This feature can be used to cover frequently eaten meals or snacks.


Insulin pump with paired CGM

Allowing you to make more informed decisions about your insulin needs quickly and easily.


Fully integrated MiniMed®pump and sensor systems help you make informed decisions through a more complete picture of your glucose levels and trends.5,6 Both pumps are compatible with the Enlite Glucose Sensor. The MiniMed 640G is compatible with the GuardianTM 2 Link transmitter. The Paradigm Veo is compatible with the MiniLinkTM transmitter.


Easy-to-use pump interface

Avoid errors and enjoy carrying out your routine tasks with ease.


Enhanced user interface for fewer button pushes, back button and navigation by alerts. Larger, clearer display with a 4cm (wide) x 3cm (high) screen.


Simple user-friendly menus, back button and navigation by alerts. 4.5cm (wide) x 1.8cm (high) screen.

Simple bolus calculator

Set a bolus quickly without a lot of mental gymnastics


Bolus Wizard® calculator simplifies calculating mealtime insulin or corrections and helps you avoid insulin stacking from previous boluses.7

Customisable high and low alerts

Meet your diabetes management needs throughout the day


The pump lets you customise up to eight different glucose target ranges, so you can receive alerts that prompt you to act.

Easy sensor insertion with short, thin needle

Easily insert your sensor and wear it without discomfort.


The sensor offers a comfortable and easy one-button insertion with a small, fully concealed needle.8,9


Colour screen with automatic light adjustment

So you can read easily - during the day or night, indoors or outdoors


The pump has full colour display, of 65,000 colours. The Brightness Level can be adjusted over a range of 1-5.


The pump display is monochrome (black only) with non-adjustable brightness.

Water Resistant

Allowing you to enjoy your pump in both wet and dry situations


The pump has a rating of IPX8 and is waterproof to depth of 3.6 meters for 24 hours10


The pump has a rating of IPX7 and is water-resistant to a depth of 2.4 meters for up to 30 minutes10

Airplane Mode

So you can be compliant with airline regulations without losing retrospective CGM data


Restored glucose readings

So your readings are saved even if transmissions from your sensor are delayed


The pump automatically stores 10 hours of missed glucose readings.


The pump automatically stores 40 minutes of missed glucose readings.


Diabetes Management Software

So you and your doctor have online access to your pump and glucose information and can make therapy adjustments


CareLink Personal therapy management software helps you and your doctor discover trends and patterns, so you can tailor your treatment plan. Using CareLink has been shown to help lower your A1C levels11.
Whilst using the MiniMed Paradigm Veo, insulin delivery is suspended while data is uploaded to Carelink. For uninterrupted insulin delivery, the MiniMed 640G does not suspend delivery while data is uploaded to Carelink.

Comprehensive product support from one company

So you get the help you need to succeed on pump and sensor therapy


Medtronic has over 30 years of experience in diabetes education and management, a 24-hour helpline, global assistance, Web resources and an active online social community.

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