Adapts to Your Unique Needs.1,2
Now with glucose levels on Your Smart phone.3

The MiniMed® 770G Pump System^

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^Components are sold separately. *Waterproof at time of manufacture up to 3.6 metres for up to 24 hours at a time. See MiniMed® 770G User Guide for a complete description of the waterproof capabilities and proper use instructions.

Always Read the Instruction for Use. Medtronic’s (real-time) continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) products are indicated for use by people living with type one diabetes. Guardian Sensor 3 may also be used as part of the MiniMed® 770G system^ for people living with Type 1 diabetes age 7 and up.

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Less Hypos4

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Versus MDI


Improved HbA1c5


Monitors your glucose levels 24/7 and predicts whether you’re going high or low.1,2


Continuously adapts to your needs based on your real-time data and personal trends.1,2


Smooths out highs and lows, with SmartGuard™ tech that increases or decreases delivery, every 5 minutes.1,2

Your diabetes data can now be viewed on your smartphone, allowing you to easily track your glucose levels and get notified on your phone if you're trending high or low.

Available to download at no cost for most iOS and Android smartphones.


MiniMed™ Mobile App Training and Overview


Medtronic continues to work on delivering new technologies to help individuals manage their diabetes. To make these upgrades easily accessible, we are developing technology to update our pump through a software download.'

*New technology described is not currently available for sale in Australia. Any new products are subject to regulatory approval. Offer subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MiniMed 770G system is approved for people with Type 1 diabetes age 7 and above.

If you would like a CGM and not an pump, consider looking into the GuardianConnect CGM.

Yes. The MiniMed 770G system transmits to your smartphone via wireless Bluetooth® technology. To see if your smartphone is compatible, see this reference chart.

No, while you can download the app, it will not provide you with any data unless you’re using a MiniMed 770G system. The MiniMed™ Mobile app cannot be used with previous generations of MiniMed pumps or on its own.

The MiniMed 770G system features SmartGuard Auto Mode and compatible smartphone apps. Every 5 minutes, SmartGuard™ Auto Mode automatically determines whether to deliver . If you’re trending high, it will give you more . If you’re trending low, it will give you less until your levels are stabilised.

The Carelink Connect app allows up to 5 care partners to view pump and CGM data. However, each care partner is only able to view the sugar levels of one pumper through the app. Care partners are still able to login to the CareLink Personal portal online to view data from multiple people, but will have to have separate accounts for each pumper.

Australian's holding private health insurance covering pumps will generally be eligible for full reimbursement of their pump by their health fund, assuming the appropriate waiting period has been served. Please check with your health insurance provider for further details.

The MiniMed™ 770G system, sometimes referred to as a hybrid closed loop system, automatically adjusts* delivery of basal (background) based on CGM readings. This means that the pump gets glucose readings from the Guardian Sensor 3 and transmitter automatically, and then gives you more or less based on your real-time needs. Having a pump and a CGM that speak to one another can help reduce both high and low glucose levels1,2.

*Refers to SmartGuard Auto Mode. Some user interaction required. Individual results may vary.

When you use an pump, you have a dramatic reduction in injections by up to 90%.* The infusion set that attaches to your body contains a small, flexible tube that is inserted under the skin and changed every 2-3 days. A CGM glucose sensor is inserted every 7 days.

Using the system does not completely replace fingersticks, but you will not need to take a BG just to know your glucose level. You will still need to take a fingerstick 2-4 times a day to make sure the glucose sensor maintains accuracy over time, before dosing for meals, and always when making a treatment decision.

*Assumes four injections per day for 30 days and one infusion set change every two to three days.

Wearing a pump and sensor can be very discreet. You can place the pump underneath your clothes or on the outside of your clothes, clipped to your waistband or worn in a pouch on your waist or thigh. To reflect your personal style or meet functional needs of your lifestyle, we offer many accessory options.

  1. Get started by calling us at 1800 777 808 or filling out this form with your contact information so we can have someone follow up with you. We will help answer any questions, discuss the process of obtaining an pump and the process to submit this purchase through a private health insurance company.
  2. Once the system is purchased and shipped, we will work with you to schedule your training. We have a robust clinical support team who will help conduct an in-person training. (With the use of CGM and SmartGuard™ Auto Mode, you may need a few training sessions.)
  3. Once you’re trained, we will continue to support you throughout your journey with us. We will provide ongoing educational resources and also offer a dedicated Technical Support team [who is available 24/7].