When first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, many people naturally wonder how it will affect their lives and are concerned about the potential long-term complications. Understanding diabetes and the impact of activities such as eating, exercise, sick days and everyday life on your glucose levels is an important part of glucose management.

By understanding the body's needs and learning how to keep blood glucose within recommended levels, it is possible to manage diabetes effectively. Through understanding how to control blood glucose levels, activities such as eating out, sleeping in on weekends, playing sports and travelling abroad for trips or holidays can still be enjoyed to the full.

Read how other people with Type 1 diabetes and discover how they have found their way to better control and a better quality of life.

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Patrick was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in his 60s. Aware of the possible long-term complications, he uses the MiniMed® 640G System^ with SmartGuardTM and no longer has to inject 8-10 times a day to control his condition.

“With the MiniMed® 640G System^ with SmartGuard... My quality of life has improved dramatically."

- Patrick


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