Living with Insulin Dependent diabetes since you were a kid, or just diagnosed? You've come to the right place! Whatever your dreams and plans, you can switch on greater flexibility and freedom. Our Insulin Dependent diabetes community is here to offer you guidance, support and tips to help you live a more independent life.


Communication is the key. Whether you're with family, friends, at school, work, with a new partner or date, telling them about your diabetes right up front makes everyone more relaxed and is safer for you. Here's what some people with Insulin Dependent diabetes have to say:

"Be honest that you have diabetes." (Amanda, age 21)

Read more about relationships on the NDSS wesbite.

Fuelling up

It's essential to count carbs so you can match your insulin to what you're eating. There are two types of carbs - sugars in sweets, soft drinks etc. are fast acting in your system and high GI. Or grains and veggies are slow acting and low GI. An insulin pump can give you more freedom to eat when you want. Snacking and eating out become easier, because the pump does the insulin calculations for you to suggest bolus amounts quickly and easily. Find out more.

Get pumped

One of the great things about an insulin pump is you can do lots of sport and exercise and don't need to carb or sugar load beforehand. Just set a temporary basal rate on your pump and if you're wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitoring sensor, you can get constant readings and alarms if you go high or low. See how Jason, a passionate cyclist, is more in control of his levels now. Watch video.

Going out

Everyone loves a fun time with friends. Having diabetes means you just need to plan a little more – eat beforehand, watch what you eat and drink, take a hypo kit with you, wear some ID and take care of yourself afterwards. If you're over the age of 18, pace yourself if drinking and don't binge. See more on the Diabetes Australia website.

Give driving the green light

You can drive when you have diabetes, as long as it's well controlled and you meet certain criteria. You'll need to provide a medical report from your doctor or diabetes specialist saying you've been assessed as fit to drive before you can get a licence or learner's permit. Check with the driver licensing authority in your state or territory about their guidelines. Read more on the Diabetes Australia website.

Take a break

Another great thing about an insulin pump is that you can take a break from being connected. If you want to swim, shower, play contact sports or get up close and personal, you have the freedom to easily disconnect for up to one hour*.

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