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Needles and sleepless nights were an everyday part of life until Xavier became the first person in the world to start using the MiniMed 640G System^ with SmartGuard™ - a ground-breaking insulin pump that not only tracks insulin levels, but predicts and acts before a low occurs.


SmartGuardTM has changed our lives and given us confidence.


Jay Bakrania is Shiloh’s teacher. Initially, she knew very little about Type 1 diabetes. But, working closely with Shiloh’s parents, she learned to understand the condition and how to use the MiniMed® 640G pump. Jay says that for Shiloh, being able to wear the pump at school means she can easily do the activities and everything else she needs to do, just like all the other children.



Any teacher could use the pump. It’s really straightforward.


Having lived with Type 1 diabetes since she was just 29 months old, Shiloh’s life – and her parents’ – changed for the better when she switched to a waterproof insulin pump and SmartGuardTM. Fewer injections and 24-hour monitoring have given more freedom to this family.



It's something to make your life a lot easier and a lot better.