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If you use Multiple Daily Injections (MDI) to manage your diabetes, Medtronic’s new Guardian Connect can help make your life a little easier.

With Guardian Connect, you will be able to check your glucose level anywhere, anytime and without extra finger pricks. Just one quick glimpse at your mobile phone and you will know whether you are within your target range, as well as whether your glucose levels are on the up, or down. What can be more convenient and easy than simply checking your phone?

Setting-up low and high alerts is easy and can free-up your mind knowing you’ll be alerted if you’re heading towards a hypo or hyper. It’s also easy to share your glucose reading with family or friends. They can even receive a text message when you drop below your range. Guardian Connect can help you to feel reassured, and allow you to focus on enjoying the moment.

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Guardian Connect is Medtronic’s latest innovation for Continuous Glucose Monitoring. It works with 3 elements: a thin sensor, a plastic transmitter attached to sensor and the Guardian Connect app on your iPhone or iPod Touch*. A subscription will cover all these elements.Guardian Connect does not work with Insulin Pumps.

Guardian Connect Components English

Benefits of Using Guardian Connect

Discretely check your glucose levels just by looking at your iPhone. They are automatically sent every 5 minutes to your mobile phone.

Access your glucose patterns and discover how your daily activities impact your values.

Receive customised alerts when your glucose level is rising, falling or reaching your pre-set thresholds

Track your activities, carbs and insulin intake easily.

Enable family or friends to remotely see your glucose values in real time for peace of mind. You can also notify them by SMS in case of hypo events.

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Available from $9 per day with a Medtronic 12 month subscription^.

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* The Guardian Connect app is compatible with iOS9 and above. The app will be compatible with the following hardware devices: iPhone 4S iPhone 5 iPhone 5C iPhone 5S iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6S iPhone 6S Plus iPhone SE iPod Touch (5th generation) iPod Touch (6th generation) iPad 3 iPad 4 iPad Air iPad Air 2 iPad Pro iPad Mini iPad Mini 2 iPad Mini 3 iPad Mini 4. Guardian Connect data cannot be transmitted via a MiniMed Insulin pump. For more information, please speak to your healthcare professional.

^ $9 a day price based on a 12 month Guardian Connect subscription of $275 per month over a 12 month contract period.