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Guides and Manuals

640G Insulin Pump

MiniMed 640G Getting Started Guide (9.5Mb, PDF)

MiniMed 640G Menu Map (834Kb, PDF)

MiniMed 640G Parent Guide (964Kb, PDF)

MiniMed 640G Pump Therapy Flyer (851Kb, PDF)

MiniMed 640G System^ - Introduction to Insulin Pump Therapy (5Mb, PDF)

MiniMed™ 640G System User Guide ( 8Mb, PDF)

Guardian Connect

Medtronic Guardian Connect Patient Brochure (4Mb, PDF)

Guardian Connect Patient Getting Started Guide ( 6Mb, PDF)

Guardian Connect Welcome Letter (100Kb, PDF)

Guardian Connect Pre Starter (616Kb, PDF)


VEO Insulin Pump

VEO Patient Flyer (757Kb, PDF)

A Practical Guide to CGM (6.5Mb, PDF)


Getting Started with Continuous Glucose Monitoring (6.7Mb, PDF)

Enlite Serter User Manual (1.9Mb, PDF)

Quick Reference Guide – One Press Serter (1.9Mb, PDF)

Minilink Transmitter User Manual (2.8Mb, PDF)

Guardian 2 Link Transmitter User Manual​ (1.7M.b, PDF)

CareLink Personal Software 

CareLink Getting Started Guide (3.14Mb, PDF)

Infusion Sets 

The Benefits of Getting it Right - an Infusion Set Guide (419Kb, PDF)

MiniMed Quick-Set – Quick Reference Guide ( 2.9Mb, PDF)


Interesting articles 

Paediatric Adolescent Insulin Booklet Feb 2016 (8Mb, PDF)