A (T1D) Christmas Story

Monday, December 3, 2018 - 14:59

Turn back the clock to November 11, 2011. This is the date Xavier got diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes... and it was just before Christmas! Not only had our lives as we knew it been turned upside down, my thoughts turned to how I was going to cope... let’s just say I very nearly called Christmas off that year!

I can now say, not only am I pleased I didn’t, but we have learned so much and come so far since then, it is a truly happy Christmas Tale! That first year, Xavier was just under 2. His second birthday was in January. We learned that he was so much more excited to be playing with his new toys that we actually had to keep offering him food! We made the decision to allow some special treats on Christmas Day, and test his Blood Glucose more often to help (try!) to keep his levels stable. Thinking back, we did ok. That first Christmas, with being diagnosed so close and having to think about so much, having to do insulin injections, and work out how much insulin to actually give, and work out what food was ‘ok’ and all the other thinks going on in my head was very stressful for me.

Fast forward to now. Well... how things have improved! Especially having the magnificent ability to see blood glucose levels at a glance on the MiniMed® 640G, and having the safety net of SmartGuard! We have found it can be such an unpredictable time, with the excitement of presents (hello up arrow), to the fun of a new bike (hello down arrow and SmartGuard)... to helping him try to choose good options with food.

Xavier is 7, soon to be 8 now. He knows about lower carb foods (that is, he can have a bit more of those ones!) and how to understand when he has had enough. We help him count the carbs, but he knows how to Bolus himself! He tests himself, he knows when he is low and what to do, and he also knows when he is high to Bolus just to get his BG back within range. All of this at such a young age. He says his pump is very easy to use, which is fantastic. 

A big part of our Christmas is water... be that the beach or pool, both of my kids LOVE it! They would not get out at all if it were up to them. Having a pump that is waterproof is actually one of the very reasons we got the MiniMed640G. Previously, I would have minor heart attacks each time water was involved... the thought of it getting wet! Now, I have no such issues. Xavier can swim as much as he wants. We don’t disconnect at any time, and we take advantage of the ability to increase or decrease basals depending on how Xavier is going. Sometimes, even with all the food and excitement of Christmas, with all the activity and swimming, he can still go low (which amazes me all the time!) the versatility of the MiniMed640G, along with SmartGuard, is something that is a godsend!

I guess, in the years that we have been travelling our diabetes journey, the biggest lessons we have learned, is that for big days like Christmas, we let kids be kids, we take a breath, we put diabetes on the backseat, use the outstanding technology we have to help manage levels as best we can... and create wonderful memories with our family.


Naomi Hames, Mum of Xavier Hames

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