Monday, October 15, 2018 - 10:32

In a time where the way we manage our T1D is changing at a dramatically quick rate, one of the big things we need to contemplate is “TRUST”.

When my daughter and I first started on the 640G with CGM and SmartGuard, I had been basically treating my pump as a dumb terminal. Basically, it was really good, but the better information you gave it, the better it would perform. When we knew that the new algorithm and pump would take something off our busy hands, we thought, “oh yeah that would be great but I’m sure it won’t help that much”.

We set everything up and put the CGM into place, and to tell you the truth the pump is just like a new friend. It takes time and patience before true trust is earned. We had times where we double-treated or didn’t turn the pump back on if we ate something to treat a low, and we also quickly learnt that trust was needed, as we would go into the higher bracket because we didn’t trust the technology that we had chosen to act on our behalf.

Don’t get me wrong, inaccurate data that we as humans enter can still play a big part in stuffing numbers up, however we now very rarely need to treat for low blood sugars. We get sleep.... yes, I know for any parent of a child with T1, you know that the hours awake checking and worrying drags minute into hours and night into day. We now have trust that we are safe so long as we have respect for the pump and make the good decisions along the way.

Both my daughter and I have another friend on our side that does look out for us (we even catch ourselves talking to it when it needs to alarm at us smiley).

Medtronic Diabetes Australia Ambassador
Living With Type 1 Diabetes 
Living with T1D and a parent of a child with T1D, Gareth enjoys the peace of mind SmartGuard® provides to himself and his family. Gareth also runs his own blog titled “Blood, Needles and occasional Time Loss”.


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