Reflections in Lockdown with Rob

Thursday, October 21, 2021 - 14:34

“Just a reflection on some changes the pump helped me glide through in today’s pandemic world”

I’ve had a realisation that I always knew was in the mixer, but only just rediscovered, thanks to a forced commitment to lockdown rules in this pandemic world we have all had to try and adjust to. With my MM770G pump, I am no longer bound by dependence on carb intake throughout the day.

The lockdown lump I was noticing just above the belt line was more of a comfort side effect of my new love of cooking. Being stuck at home allowed a flex of culinary ambition but also meant I was registering a much higher carb intake on the pump than I would normally. I thought, bugger this, if I’m not spending as much energy, why should I need to consume it?

So, the morning routine got a swift adjustment. I wiped a large chunk of morning carb intake and replaced it with lighter, but still tasty, choices until my activity created the hunger that I felt I should be feeling. The beauty of the pump in auto mode was that lows were largely avoided, and the pump could deal with minor glucose elevation with ease.

The other upside is the positive feeling I get from seeing a relatively straight line on the Glucose front that meanders within my set range through the morning. It really lifts my game when I feel I’m in control, a little peckish at times, and that all gets packaged nicely into “whatever the heck I feel like chowing down on” come the afternoon.

As always, the MM770G pump allows life to come first… something I know my wife and three kids are all very aware of as we play on towards the post pandemic world.

Rob Palmer

Medtronic Diabetes Ambassador

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