Laylah- My First Holiday With My New MM770G

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 - 11:49

Moving to the MM770G and being able to use remote monitoring has been AMAZING!


I started on the MM770G in December a week before I travelled to Sydney to stay with my friend for one month. I live in rural NSW and have never stayed away from my mum for such a long period of time! The weeks before my trip I spent learning how to fill my reservoirs and changing my own sensors. But deep down I was nervous of having the responsibility of doing it all without my mum.


The first few days were scary but knowing my mum could see my sugar level and my insulin on board, I slowly started to feel more comfortable with being on my own.


During my stay in Sydney, we went to the movies, the pools, walked to the shops, and stayed up talking and having midnight snacks! Being on the MM770G gave me so much security and peace of mind knowing that my mum and my friends mum would get alarms if anything was happening.  Having confidence in my pump and feeling relaxed with the processes made me so much more capable of looking after myself. My mum wasn’t calling me every half an hour to ask what my sugar was, she just texted me when she thought I may have missed a meal bolus.

While being 5.5-hour drive away from my mum I managed to have time in range between 85% and 97%. I felt so happy, I was able to enjoy my holiday and spend quality time with my friends without diabetes controlling me and taking up time away from having fun!


I love being on the MM770G and still having the technology of auto mode. The most impressive part of my new pump is that it automatically uploads to CareLink, so mum can see my trends and change settings if needed.  But the most extraordinary feature is that my MM770G shows my mum what my sugars are doing in real time! I have never felt so calm and in control of my diabetes!


Laylah Elhassan







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