My Experience on the MiniMed 670G Clinical Trial

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 15:53

Having been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in the era of urine testing and insulins extracted from cows and pigs I love watching diabetes management evolve. Since deciding to take the plunge and start on an insulin pump back in 2004 I’ve not just watched treatments evolve, I’ve actively participated in many research trials involving new technology.

I know many people with diabetes who get excited at a new meter, tests that take 5 seconds rather than 10 seconds, backlit test strip ports, they are all things to get excited about and make the day to day management of diabetes quicker and easier. I’m one of these people, but I’m also not patient about waiting for the next things, I like to be first in line, to be a research guinea pig and get to try things out as soon as possible. I’ve been in a number of Australian trials involving Medtronic devices and I’ve loved watching how my management has improved with each new offering so imagine my excitement at not just getting to be involved in a trial of the Minimed 670G and the Guardian 3 system but to be the first person in the country to trial it!

One of the things that I did find frustrating about the trial was the calibration, BG reading loop the system sometimes got stuck in. Things would go well for a good period and then the system would start demanding constant readings and calibrations. I follow a Facebook group of 670G users in the US and saw they were having this issue too, I was relieved when the system got approved in Australia it was for the newer Guardian 3 sensors and transmitter. Since using these I’ve not had the dreaded loop and I’m even more comfortable knowing I’ll be in range, I’m loving how accurate they are. Here are some of the other things I loved when I was on the trial and now that I’m back on the system.

I have a busy and at times stressful job that sees me in back to back meetings on some days. Previously these would be days that needed a bit of planning ahead. I’d cart my meter, some hypo supplies and a stash of snacks with me as I move from meeting to meeting. I’d worry about going low and ‘vauging’ out or high and getting sleepy, not being able to concentrate on the discussion, let alone contribute in a meaningful way. These days I can grab my laptop and phone and head off knowing that the system would be working away in the background keeping me in range. I’m finding that I’m much more productive and efficient as I’m not dealing with the side effects of out of range levels.

The impact of the system on my night times has also been a huge benefit, I constantly rabbit on to anyone who will listen about sleeping through the night and waking refreshed and ready to go. Previously I would trust the 640G to keep me safe overnight from hypos but I would still have nights where my levels sat higher than they should have and I’d be up and down like a yoyo trying to get them back in range. This inevitably meant being tired and groggy the next day, not the best start to the day! Now I sleep through the night and I’m good to go in the mornings whether it’s a day at work, a day of baking in the kitchen and a day of exploring when I travel.

I’m currently planning a trip to Spain and Portugal. Having used the 670G travelling Croatia, Slovenia and Italy 2 years ago whilst on the trial I know that diabetes will be in the back of my mind whilst I sight see and enjoy my fill of tapas! I’ll keep you posted!!

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