Make a difference by making yourself heard

Monday, July 27, 2015 - 16:14


We understand one of the key issues within the T1D community is subsidised access to CGM. It's an issue we are passionate about and continue to raise within the community. You can join in these conversations too.

The clinical and economic rationales supporting CGM have been provided to the Government. What could really make a difference are stories of people who benefit from Low Glucose Suspend or Predictive Low Glucose Suspend – powerful stories from people like you.

You can share your story by emailing your MP using the template below. Simply insert your story and encourage them to take action by supporting sensor funding on the NDSS.

Rallying your MP

Share your story and take action by following the three easy steps below. We’ve included an example within the template below from a MiniMed®Ambassador, Ros.

Step 1:
Find your MP’s email address here. 

(Note: If their address details aren't there, send the email below to

Step 2:

Open the email and paste in your MP’s email address.

Step 3:

Add your own #SmartGuardStories about how CGM has changed your life. Then hit send!

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