Life With A Pump – Busy Lifestyles and Diabetes

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 21:41

Life is busy. Sometimes, the only time I truly feel that I stop is when I sleep and let's be honest I probably don’t do enough of that! The thing about type one diabetes is that it is ever present (even when I sleep). Every moment, of every day, of every week – you get the picture. If you have type one diabetes or have loved ones with the condition – you’re in the picture.

At 31, it seems life gets busier every year. Even writing this blog took multiple attempts to find enough time. I ‘balance’ being a father of two (four and one year old), a working professional with frequent travel commitments, a dedicated athlete (cyclist) and – at all times – a type one diabetic, now of nearly 15 years. I use the MiniMed® 640G with CGM to help me manage the condition.

Type One Diabetes seems to love routine. If only my job and kids would too! When I used multiple daily injections, routine was king. I found that trying to repeat the same activity, the same food, and the same doses – yielded the most consistent results. But – no two days are ever really the same.

An insulin pump has made life easier for me in many ways. The key one – is flexibility. The insulin is right there with me at all times – whenever I need it. I need eight boluses because I’m eating eight times between waking up, training, helping get the kids ready, driving to work, endless meetings – I could go on. Well I can have eight boluses, all with the press of a few buttons – then swiftly move on to the next activity. 

I’ve also found that the insulin pump, using a rapid acting insulin only, has freed me from the ‘shackles’ of a once daily decision with a long acting insulin – which was always like trying to predict the future for tomorrow – near impossible.

My younger brother was diagnosed with type one diabetes some seven years before I was. After years of multiple daily injections, I was the first to use an insulin pump. I’ll never forget a time we were back at my parents place for a dinner; I was newly on an insulin pump. The food hit the table, the carb counting assessments were made and a few buttons later I was ‘injecting’ (through the pump) – and eating. I was mouthfuls through when my younger and often hungrier brother made a start. A few months later, he too joined me in using an insulin pump. We have both enjoyed the freedom every day which a pump provides. 

Medtronic Diabetes Australia Ambassador
Living With Type 1 Diabetes 

Diagnosed over 15 years ago Jason has found greater freedom in using a pump therapy. From his frantic lifestyle of parenting and frequently travelling for work Jason has found he is no longer bound by the ‘shackles of a once daily decision with a long acting insulin – which was always like trying to predict the future’.

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