Improving Time in Range with the MiniMed 670G

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - 12:36

I’m someone that has been impressed with the technology that has been available in insulin pumps right from my first pump – the Veo. Each pump I’ve had from Medtronic has brought a new CGM sensor technology and new software features designed to make life with Type1 diabetes just that bit easier. I thought low glucose suspend on the Veo was game changing and have been continuously amazed when new pumps comes out from Medtronic which built on this. We’ve went from a system reducing time while hypo to now with the MiniMed 670G trying to prevent low glucose AND high glucose levels with Auto Mode.

Sensor accuracy has been amazing! I was impressed with how accurate the sensors were with the MiniMed 640G system and SmartGuard so when I transitioned to the MiniMed 670G I expected similar results. The accuracy was even better than I expected and was able to keep up with my highs and lows much faster providing a more real time representation of my blood glucose. With this level of accuracy, it gives Auto Mode the tool is needs to be able to give the all-important time in range.

Time in range has been one of the biggest improvements I have seen since starting on the MiniMed 670G system. Time in range is a fairly new term being used in the diabetes community for the amount of time blood glucose sits within a pre-determined range and provides a more accurate representation of blood glucose over a period of time. The MiniMed 670G in Auto Mode aims for the blood glucose to sit in a particular range with an ideal goal of 6.7mmol/L. My personal target for time in range is 4-11mmol/L and while on the MiniMed 640G, I would spend 77% of my time in range. After just a short 6 months on the MiniMed 670G with Auto Mode, that time in range has increased to 89%.To put it simple, I went from spending 18 hours of day in my ideal blood glucose range to 21 hours a day!

What was the most important part of Auto Mode and time in range you’re probably asking me? Reduced hypos! Since being in Auto Mode with the MiniMed 670G, I have seen a big reduction in the amount of hypos I have. I went from having a hypo about 3 times a week to once a week. The most amazing thing though? I downloaded my MiniMed 670G to the CareLink software recently and discovered I had not had a single hypo in 2 weeks! Something that was only in my hopes and wishes became a reality for me.

What does sensor accuracy, time in range and decreased hypos have in common? Well for starters it’s a major weight off your shoulders knowing that you have a sensor you can trust with a system that is actively (with minimal user input) bringing your blood glucose into target and reducing the number of hypos you experience. It brings a great smile to my face when I wake up in the morning and look at my almost flat overnight CGM graph. Reduced hypos have also helped me regain some hypo awareness that I had lost over the 22 years of living with diabetes. It’s also been a very positive thing for work as a busy registered nurse where I have the confidence that the system is keeping me in target which allows me to focus on the task at hand. Auto Mode on the MiniMed 670G gives me the feeling that I am finally winning at diabetes and further cements my favourite saying – Life First. Diabetes Second. 

Brent Salzmann

Medtronic Ambassador

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