Thursday, May 28, 2020 - 12:29

These last few weeks have been scary. Not scary as in I'm scared of heights, but scary as in - life and death scary. Not too dissimilar to having a hyper or a hypo- I know I've had some shocker hypos where life and death seem to be sitting on the edge of my own reality. But now, with COVID-19, it feels like a whole new ball game. As a type 1 diabetic, I feel even more vulnerable.


Well, let me first point out a few home truths. As diabetics, we are in the top 4% most vulnerable. When we get sick, we get sick, and it takes our body that much longer to get better. This reality came all too close when I realised that there was a link to possible contamination – all be it a very far-fetched possibility. I decided before schools closed, that the risk was too high, and our family would stay at home. Our health was too important. And you know what they say when Mum's sick, the world falls apart. So, we put measure's in place to avoid this happening at all costs.

This included ensuring I had enough stock of Medtronic supplies- but only what I needed, 1- month worth of cannulas, strips, sensors – we would order more when the time came. I contacted my pharmacist and let her know what was happening for our family. She ensured me that all medical supplies, when needed, would be delivered, such as Insulin. I have a great Pharmacist - it pays to stick to your local pharmacy, just like your Doctor, they are part of your support team.

I arranged for our fruit and vegetables to be delivered, and anything else that we needed as household supplies.

But what I didn't factor in my anxiety-fueled state of what would happen to me, to my family, if I got COVID – 19, was that I am in such a better place than I have been in my entire diabetic life.

This month was my 1st anniversary of having the Medtronic 670g Insulin Pump. In January, I saw my Endocrinologist and my HBA1c was 7! My HBA1c hasn't been 7 in 12 years! My other body functions are the best they have ever been. I am the HEALTHIEST I have been in many years. And it is all down the to Medtronic MM670G Insulin PUMP.

I never really believed that the pump would make the difference that it has to my life, but it genuinely has. People said to me for years- you should go on an Insulin Pump... but I kept resisting, until, I couldn't' any more. And now, here I am healthier and stronger than I have ever been and right at the time that I need to be.

I no longer feel scared with COVID-19 spreading across the globe, knowing that I have the best possible defence in having a healthy body, and it's all thanks to my pump.

Tiffany Johnson

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