Our First Cross Country

Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 14:18

Today we had yet another first. The first school Cross Country. OMG. I was nervous about this one. So much energy was going to be used!

We got the notice from school the week before, letting us know when his class was going to be running. He was scheduled to be mid-morning. We spoke to Xavier and asked him if he wanted to be in charge of his diabetes management for this, and he did!

We let him have eight glucose tablets in his pump band and told him to trust in his feelings of being low and use his CGM to help him if he was unsure and let him know the teachers and assistance were there if he needed them. The teachers were of course consulted and had more glucose tablets and his diabetes kit if he needed.

The day came, and after speaking to my husband after school drop off (I am already at work, so we discuss each morning how the kids went and what Xavier’s blood glucose levels were at breakfast time etc), I called the teacher to give her a brief reminder of what had been discussed in our action plan, and I waited for the school to call. I didn’t know why, but I expected something to go wrong.


No call. Nothing went wrong! It was amazing! Xavier did extraordinarily well, and the MM670G did its job perfectly! I spoke to the teacher after school, and she did say she was concerned when Xavier told her he had eaten all eight of his glucose tablets…but he said he felt he was low, his CGM showed his levels to be around four, and he said he felt it was the right choice.

I don’t think I could have done this for him. I can not feel what he feels, and I can not know how quickly he is dropping. Only he can. And he owned his diabetes today. Between, the amazing technology of the MM670G auto mode, and his own self-management, he was in range the entire day! I was incredibly proud of him, and I made sure I told him what a good job he had done. All the age of eight!

Naomi  - Mum of Xavier

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