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We understand that having an insulin pump that fits in well with your lifestyle is important to you – allowing you to have freedom and flexibility every day.

One of our newest patients on the MiniMed® 640G transitioned from an alternative insulin pump available in Australia. She shared that although her previous insulin pump may appear smaller due to the size of its screen; the MiniMed®640G when worn for the first time, was much lighter than she anticipated – “Gee – it’s lighter!”*.

With the MiniMed® 640G System, you can experience discreet pump therapy with:

  • Remote blousing – so you can Bolus anytime, anywhere without hassle;
  • Automated Bolus Wizard calculator – for easier dosing
  • Automatic blood glucose data to your insulin pump – so you can manage your insulin more conveniently and precisely

A side-by-side comparison of an alternative insulin pump with the MiniMed®640G shows how looks can be deceiving.

A side-by-side comparison of an alternative insulin pump with the MiniMed 640G shows how looks can be deceiving

Dimension Comparison of Medtronic Insulin Pumps & Other Insulin Pumps Available in Australia1

1. Animas Vibe product page, specifications tab (

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