Baby #2 is on the way!

Thursday, October 1, 2020 - 12:05

Hey Guys

I hope everyone is well during this scary time with COVID. I am based in VIC and quite remote! Through all this uncertainty around COVID I am so excited to be sharing my new blog with you!

After the birth of my first baby, Charlie, I decided it was best for my health to continue using the Guardian Connect as I was so busy looking after Charlie some days I would forget to eat or take insulin. Thanks to my Guardian Connect I was able to get my diabetes controlled and my health in the best possible condition to try to conceive for baby number two by the time Charlie was 18 months old.

I am so happy to share that we are expecting our new family member early 2021. I’m so thankful I was already using my Guardian Connect because very early into the pregnancy my sugar levels began to spike after food and I decided to take a pregnancy test. During my last pregnancy my BGL had a lot of changes and I had to increase my insulin dosage, so I knew something was happening inside my body. It’s so important to have good control of my sugars during pregnancy so I’m happy I could see exactly what was happening with my BGL as soon as they changed.

During the times of COVID unfortunately I’m not able to visit my specialists in person, but as soon as I got a positive test I contacted my healthcare team and they could log into my CareLink account during Telehealth appointments and adjust my insulin dosage right away. It has kept my mind at ease knowing I’m doing the best I can to keep myself and baby healthy.

Looking after a toddler while pregnant, along with managing diabetes and cystic fibrosis has many challenges. I really rely on the Guardian Connect prediction tool to alert me before I have a low or a high reading. I have it all set up to alert me 20 minutes before so I have time to correct it. The Guardian Connect was an incredible tool during my last pregnancy. I couldn’t imagine not using it through this one, especially since this time I have an active little toddler to care for as well.


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