DATE POSTED: 25 JANUARY, 2018 – 4:30PM

Animas Global Statement:  Animas’ goal is to transition all patients to another insulin delivery system and to exit the market by September 2019

This means Animas Vibe pumps and associated consumables could stop shipping to Australia in less than 20 months from this Australia Day!

  • When your next decision is a 4 year commitment - know what you are signing up for and ensure that you’ll have continued supply of consumables through Australian pharmacies
  • When there’s ‘safety in numbers’ - 8/10 pumpers choose MiniMed 640G technology*
  • When certainty is more important than change - we have the largest customer support network in Australia, we provide individualised attention 24/7 though our helpline and team on the ground
  • When predictability provides peace of mind – our unique SmartGuardTM technology means we have the only insulin pump that takes action to prevent severe lows (when used with CGM)
  • Medtronic:  Supporting continuity of care


Medtronic are the leaders in diabetes technology –  with a strong heritage and a strong future, Medtronic are committed to bringing Closed Loop technology to the world:

  • 2018: Medtronic supports continuity of care - always committed to supporting you and your decisions
  • 2017: Medtronic launch World's First Hybrid Closed Loop System+
  • 2015:  Australia launches MiniMed 640G- first system with Predictive Low Glucose Suspend technology (SmartGuardTM),  designed to prevent severe hypos
  • 2003: FDA Approval of First Wireless Insulin Pump System
  • 1996: Start of Clinical Trials for Glucose Sensor
  • 1987: Introduction of the Sof-set® Infusion Set - the first infusion set to replace the metal needle with a soft flexible cannula
  • 1983: Commercialization of the First MiniMed Insulin Pump


*NDSS market share Dec 2017:  Medtronic insulin pumps 77.34%

+Currently unavailable in Australia

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Animas Announcement: Medtronic Supports Continuity of Care

DATE POSTED: 17 JANAURY, 2018 – 5:30 PM

Animas Corporation has announced it will discontinue all sales of the company’s insulin pumps and associated products in Europe and will begin phasing out their operations to exit the market internationally.

Given Medtronic’s rich 30-year innovation and service history in Diabetes, Animas has identified Medtronic as the company’s partner-of-choice for the transition in Canada, USA, Germany and UK.

In Australia and New Zealand it is Medtronic Diabetes ANZ’s top priority to provide support to Animas customers to facilitate continuity of insulin pump therapy - whilst maintaining our commitment to addressing the therapy needs of existing Medtronic customers.

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